J. Riedel from Ch.
"What I also think is great about the product is that it is so uncomplicated. You don’t need any water or electricity, it’s easy to hold and is compact, and you don’t have to worry about any skin irritation or small pimples. Many of the people I’ve corresponded with only use the product in addition to shaving, but not in place of shaving. However, I’m doing really well without a razor and I hope that it stays that way...”
Kristina from H. "Wow... as if by magic... the hair was gone in a flash. It happened without pulling, without pain, without water or electricity. The hair removal pads fit in any and every purse. They can be used easily and work at lightning speed...”
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    Questions and Answers (FAQs)


    Will the hair growth be reduced?
    Yes – with regular use, the growth of hair is reduced and the intervals for removing hair become longer. The result is that you’ll have to remove hair less often.

    In what areas can G.T. EasySoft be used?
    G.T. EasySoft Premium hair removal pads were developed primarily for arms, legs, and the face (women’s facial hair). Other areas of application such as the genital area are always dependent upon the respective hair thickness and have to be tested out by each and every individual.

    Will the hair strands be removed entirely, including their roots?
    To a degree – with G.T. EasySoft Premium hair removal pads, smaller hairs are removed with the root and larger hairs are softly twisted off the root.

    Why the “Purse hair removal method”?
    Many of our customers use G.T. EasySoft Premium hair removal pads for here and there in addition to their more common hair removal methods such as shaving and always have the G.T. EasySoft right in their purses with them. This offers them security and when they are on the road quick and uncomplicated hair removal without electricity and without water.

    What’s with the “sexy exfoliation effect”?
    G.T. EasySoft is the hair removal method with the “sexy exfoliation effect”. Thanks to the application of G.T. EasySoft Premium hair removal pads, your skin is – in addition to hair removal – afforded a fine, very pleasant exfoliation. You and your partner will be absolutely ecstatic!

    Can the application of the product lead to redness on my skin?
    As is the case with all hair removal methods, an incorrect application of the G.T. EasySoft Premium hair removal pads can lead to skin redness and irritation. This happens when the skin has been creamed beforehand or if there are still some cosmetic products on the skin. The skin must also be dry and free of make-up, oils, creams or cosmetic product during application.

    Can G.T. EasySoft also be used on wet skin?
    No – please only use G.T. EasySoft on dry skin! When applying it on wet skin, your skin could become red and irritated.

    What should I do to get an optimal result?
    It’s important that the hair removal pads are used with quick, small, circular motions. Simple back and forth rubbing isn’t sufficient and doesn’t necessarily work. You have to make circular movements on dry skin.

    Do I have to apply a lot of pressure when making the circular motions?
    No – only use small circular motions with a light amount of pressure!

    How often can I use an individual pad?
    Use of the pads is always dependent on the respective hair thickness, hair type, and the application. The basic set contains 5 replacement micro-crystal pads. These are enough for approx. 3 months of hair removal.

    Can I clean the pads?
    Yes – to maintain the function of the product longer, the pads can be cleaned off in the meantime by simply wiping off excess particles, dust, and skin (i.e. on a dry towel).

    Can I use G.T. EasySoft if I have skin ailments?
    G.T. EasySoft is not suitable for people with dermatological illnesses, wounds or diabetes. Should you have further questions, please contact your doctor or the pharmacy of your choice.

    How long has this form of hair removal existed?
    The hair removal method has been around since the 18th century. With G.T. EasySoft Premium hair removal pads, we’ve introduced a product to the market that comprises very high quality materials that lead to very good results.